Food and Drink

Baily's BBQ & Bistro

Contact: Jesus Arellano 

Phone: : 520-266-2642


Kona Ice

Contact: Lynette Marcin

Phone: 520-561-0223

Facebook ~ Website 

Kaufman and Company

Contact: Kathleen Kaufman

Phone: 520-508-2494

Moose's Hot Dogs

Contact: Barbara Chavez

Phone: 520-390-4037 

Lazy KJ Ranch Smoking Pork

Contact: Stuart Mackenzie-low

Phone: 520-820-4045

Big Woody's

Contact: Lauren Jones

Phone: 520-678-2035

JIREH Tortillas

Soon we will be posting this vendor's contact, facebook and any other way available to contact them. 

TaTa Ruben's Kettle Corn

Contact: Ruben Fierros

Phone: 520-266-7799 

Wellness Connections

Contact: Fred Cleere

Phone: 520-452-0080

A&S International

Contact: Alicia Buckhanan

Phone: 520-236-8322

Martini's Meatballs

Contact: Martin Dulfon

Phone: 435-704-4089

Sparky's Cantina

Contact: Toni Leo

Phone: 520-455-9246


Wild Arizona Garden

Contact: Kathleen Kaufman

Phone: 520-508-2494 

Backyard Gardening and Growing

Contact: Winnie Struse

Phone: 520-378-0427

Rocky Creek Ranch

Contact: John Renwick

Phone: 520-378-4904

Don Luis Produce Co.

Contact: Jesus Tabarez

Phone: 520-221-5987

Shumway Family

Contact: Celestia Shumway

Phone: 801-628-8753

Horton's Farm

Contact: Jessica Horton

Phone: 520-508-5592

Zuni Breads

Contact: Janice Laate

Phone: 520-678-9112

Delores Gayden

Contact: Delores Gayden

Phone: 520-603-2654

Irma Estrada

Contact: Irma Estrada 

Phone: 520-481-8546

Wing and a Prayer

Contact: Joanne Glaudini

Phone: 760-791-5954

Ogden Maple Farm

Contact: Carrie Esser

Phone: 608-807-7747

Suzette's Bakery

Contact: Suzette Gray

Phone: 520-559-4958

Brisa Fresca

Contact: Solomon Buckhanan

Phone: 520-683-8322

Buy The Dozens

Contact: Mandy Budny

Phone: 520-442-0016

Phoenix Farms

Contact: Adelaide Werkheiser

Phone: 520-236-7545

Bakery and Confectionery Goods

Sierra Bakery

Contact: Jenna Stoltzfus

Phone: 520-353-6068


The Curbside Bakery

Contact: Anastasia Virden

Phone: 520-249-4736

Rose in Bloom

Contact: Amanda Wilcox

Phone: 520-236-8959

The Sweet Stop

Contact: Donna Kolar

Phone: 520-954-0617

Black Market Marvel

Contact: Katie Estrada

Phone: 401-644-8977

Baby Cakes

Contact: Cathy Tashman

Phone: 520-234-5116

Bath & Body

Organic Acres, LLC

Contact: Lisa Odom

Phone: 520-508-1806

doTERRA Essential Oils

Contact: Laila Duckett

Phone: (702) 5617753

doTERRA Essential Oils

Contact: Jillaine Eastridge

Phone: 507-261-0036

doTERRA Essential Oils

Contact: Josselyn Bednarz

Phone: 760-455-2712

Young Living

Contact: Rebecca Herrington

Phone: 619-248-1368

Sweet Cottage Soapery

 Contact: Sonya Downer

Phone: 520-456-4447

It Works! Global (Get Fit be Free)

Contact: Tiffany Mojica

Phone: 757-602-8231

Avon Unit Leader

Contact: Angela Tharp

Phone: 785-226-2687

Life Seasons Natural Living

Contact: Jennifer Clifton

Phone: 520-335-8999

My Serenity Oils

Contact: Mary Gardner

Phone: 520-265-3030

The CBD Shop

 Contact: Matt Raisman

Phone: 520-732-0616

Tonya Harned

Contact: Tonya Harned

Phone: 910-813-9751

Brenda Loomis

Contact: Brends Loomis

Phone: 520-335-7817

Limelight By Alcone

Contact: Lori Young

Phone: 520-559-5707



Contact: Uta Sanford-Strauss

Phone: 520-227-1907

Le Vintique

Contact: Aaron & Rose Possien

Phone: (520) 220-7149

Devine M Designs

Contact: Gayle Armstrong

Phone: 520-227-9439

Tiny Studio Gems

Contact: Lisa Dryman-Rice

Phone: 831-251-3100

D'vorah Jewelry by Design

Contact: Deborah Avery-Hargrove

Phone: 520-591-282

Kingdom Expressions

Contact: Melissa Molinar

Phone: 520-234-3335

Contact: Leila Blair

Clothing and Accessories

Peppermint Barn

Contact: Kristi Lane

Phone: 520-456-4520

Windsor Hat Shoppe

Contact: Lorraine Jacobs

Phone: 520-249-5717

LuLa Roe Prints and Patterns

Contact: Elizabeth Nuckols

Phone: 419-297-3495

Thirty One

Contact: Samantha Ruud

Phone: 952-715-2714

The Wandering Gypsy

Contact: Jennifer Lopez

Phone: 520-255-6596

Perfectly Posh

Contact: Jennifer Stephens

Phone: 910-429-4515

Gardening and Seeds

Contact: Ruah Gregg

Phone: 520-227-5229

Contact: Donald Stoner

Phone: 520-266-2356

Contact: Jim Wendel

Phone: 520-732-0297

Cochise County Master Gardener Seed Library

Contact: Deborah Avery-Hargrove

Phone: 520-591-2822

Animals and Pet Products

Maggie's Gourmet Bark-ery

Contact: Zia Bischoff

Phone: 480-488-1053

Panting Pooches/Cochise Mealworms

Contact: Linnea Cordts

Phone: 520-559-4677

The Bird House

Contact: Charity Russell

Phone: 254-987-3710

Puppy Pockets PLUS

Contact: Judi Khederian

Phone: 520-378-9533

Thunder Mountain Alpaca Ranch

Contact: Lisa Thompson

Phone: 520-249-0362

Contact: Beverly Sutter

Phone: 520-859-9600

Horse'n Around Rescue Ranch

Contact: Theresa Warrell

Phone: 520-266-0236



B-Happy Parties

Contact: Tabitha Brown

Phone: 520-368-1778

The Hone Ranger

Contact: Scott Fisher

Phone: 520-366-1815

Contact: Rick Allen

Phone: 661-886-2003

Contact: Jeannie Barrera

Phone: 757-817-4137

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us and our vendors.  

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